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World Kindness

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In our society, constant negative and discouraging input has become normal and even tolerable. As a teen, it upsets me to watch others fall victim to this painful cycle. Most of my family, friends, and peers expect this of the world, which is not okay. Our society has greatly influenced our expectations of what we allow to shape our thinking. As a result, strangers joined forces to create a change.


The World Kindness Movement was founded to “ inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world.” November 13 is World Kindness Day, giving individuals an opportunity to radiate positivity with random acts of kindness. We want to reflect our positivity daily and encourage you to do the same!

Here a just some of the many ways to show you compassion to others:


  1. Give a stranger a compliment

Whether you’re ordering lunch, taking the bus home or out on a walk, you can easily find something kind to say about someone. Maybe “ hey, I love your shoes” or “that outfit looks amazing on you” can instantly brighten someone’s day.

  1. Bring a co-worker coffee

As the holiday season is approaching, work can often become overbearing.

Stressed about family plans, work deadlines, traveling, and just everyday things begin to build up as Thanksgiving Break grows closer and closer. So buy someone’s coffee for them. That one small good deed might just give them the energy to finish off this season confidently.

  1. Donate old books to a public library

Instead of selling old forgotten books, donate them. This way, others in your community have the same opportunity to learn something new!

  1. Pay for the lunch of the person behind you

This one hits close to home for me. Having a complete stranger buy you lunch (or really anything) immediately brightens my day. You have no idea what the person behind you is going through, and with this random act of kindness, it shows compassion and love.

  1. Open the door for someone

Maybe you can’t afford to buy someone lunch, but opening the door for someone also does the trick. Personally, I feel very grateful when a stranger opens the door for me, especially when my hands are full. It shows others that you are aware and respect them.

  1. Write a hand-written note for a friend

In today’s technological world, it’s extremely rare to receive a written note instead of a text. It could be a lengthy letter of appreciation or something as small as “Have an incredible weekend” written on a sticky note.

  1. Donate your time or year-end gift

With our major race event coming up on November 23, it is the perfect time to give back. There are volunteer ops all week! Or a financial gift pays for the help that a hurting child needs today.