Chosen Stories

The Marlar Family

Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

We had a plan to build our family our way, in our timing, and God took that plan and made it better than we could have dreamed. We’ve learned so much through infertility, and through adoption — who we are and, more importantly, who God is and the truth of His promises.


It is humbling and scary to start the adoption process — our finances were not prepared for all of the expenses. We looked at costs of adoption agencies and began to become very discouraged about ever starting our family. We were challenged and stepped out in faith that God would truly provide for us in what He was calling us to do. And He did, through Chosen!


Chosen bridged our financial gap in a way that we never thought possible. It was exciting to see people join our team every day until race day, and we were blown away by how generous our friends and family were. The support was beautiful and encouraging.


The first time we got to see Judah’s face was five hours after he was born. After running through the halls of the hospital we finally saw him wrapped up in a blanket with a little blue hat on his head between the nurses station. We both started crying tears of joy and praising God for getting us to this day!


Every time we see our two adopted children we can’t help but smile knowing that God has truly blessed us and built our family just the way He wanted it. And every time we think about our kiddos, and about Chosen and all that they did for us and all that it continues to do for others…we just have to praise God! He is good!