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Teachers Need Education, Too!

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Isaac arrived in his new family’s home two years ago as a four-year-old. Recently, his parents contacted Chosen for help with handling his challenging behaviors. His mom, dad, and three older siblings wanted him in their family, but they placed the responsibility to change on Isaac alone. Chosen helped Isaac’s family understand how the early years of trauma impacted Isaac’s biology, which was impacting his behavior. We taught them how to strengthen their attachment to him and equipped them with techniques that are effective in correcting difficult behaviors. Their family life has improved dramatically.

However, while Isaac was excited to start kindergarten, the first few weeks of school did not go well. His teacher called Isaac’s parents every day with reports of out of control behavior in the classroom. She admitted to trying every allowable punishment with no success. Her biggest frustration was that he wasn’t completing his daily seat work. Isaac’s parents were discouraged. They wondered why so much success at home would not transfer to the classroom.

With a little prodding, Isaac’s parents convinced his teacher to talk with Chosen staff. We were able to educate her about trauma’s impact on the brain and how traditional discipline techniques amplify challenging behaviors in children with trauma. We equipped her with techniques and print resources that she can use in the classroom. Mostly, we helped her reset her expectations for what school success should be for Isaac.

After one week of implementing trauma-informed tools, Isaac’s teacher feels more equipped to help him and she has seen some improvement in his behaviors. We encourage you to share these resources with your children’s teachers today!

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