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At Chosen, we do whatever it takes to ensure families stay together. Every day, we hear stories of heartbreak and pain–but also every day, HOPE is being restored.

Stories like Lindsay’s, found below, prove that healing is possible. This year, please be a part of this healing by making a gift to Chosen of any amount.

At age 4, Lindsay, was removed from her birth mom because of extreme neglect and domestic violence and placed in a foster home. The foster family had a 2 year-old and a baby on the way. Lindsay’s behaviors were so aggressive that her foster parents were concerned that she would harm the newborn upon bringing the baby home from the hospital.

Their foster agency encouraged them to work with Chosen, but they didn’t want to take the time to do so. After nine months of Lindsay being a part of their family, the foster parents disrupted her placement just prior to giving birth to their second child.

As abruptly as Lindsay had been taken from her birth mother, she was taken from her new home that was beginning to feel more like a family than like a house with strangers.

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With your support, we will continue to see successes like these. When families are struggling and ready to give up, Chosen’s commitment is to do WHATEVER it takes to help the family. You can join us in this commitment by making a gift of any amount to Chosen today.

Your giving and support allows us to bring HOPE to young boys and girls recovering from trauma and it enables us to give HOPE to fathers and mothers.