Morgan Bradbury, Mission Advancement Coordinator , Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Morgan Bradbury

Mission Advancement Coordinator

Morgan is the Mission Advancement Coordinator for Chosen and came on board in 2021.

Morgan has dedicated her career to the service of others and is passionate about ensuring the betterment of our community. Her passion for serving vulnerable populations started with her work as an Americorps VISTA where she created a mentoring program for unaccompanied homeless youth, and has continued to blossom throughout her career. With over eight years of experience working in the community she has no plans to stop now!

Morgan was raised in Texas but is a Kansan at heart (where she was born). She holds a bachelors degree in life science from Kansas State University where she was published in the Behavioral Brain research journal for the work in the psychology lab. She enjoys being social, outside, and spending time with her family. Her son, Atlas, is her favorite person to hang out with.


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