Jenni C. Lord, Chief Executive Officer, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Jenni C. Lord

Chief Executive Officer

Jenni Lord is the wife of Robert and raising four children. The seeds for adoption were planted more than twenty years ago when her family embarked on the challenging foster care journey. Her brother, Justin, joined her family at 19 months old when she was a freshman in college and set forth a path no one but the Creator could have scripted.

Her love of running and heart for the orphan collided in 2008 at her first long-distance race where she realized that she couldn’t sacrificially train again unless it was for something she believed in. With a background in strategic planning and entrepreneurial pursuits, she founded Chosen in 2009. She saw an opportunity to use running as a vehicle to raise finances for waiting for children and waiting families. She has helped the organization to evolve, focusing on the children’s healing & strengthening of families. One of her greatest joys is pouring life into her team members to bring hope and change – both internally and to the families, they are serving.

Her passion has grown to affect systemic change within the foster care system, equipping foster and adoptive families for the specific challenges they face, helping families in crisis, offering restoration and preventing disrupted placements and adoptions. Her desire is to be used to ignite the church, prepare families with trauma-informed care and help children heal.

Jenni has a background in Communications and Counseling. She also has certifications in Nonprofit Management, Fundraising, and Leadership. She has served in various community roles and currently chairs the Texas Chapter of the Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA), a national organization committed to developing best treatment practices for children in foster and relative care. She has been a longtime member of C12, the largest network of Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives committed to building great businesses for a greater purpose.

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