Chosen Offers Group Training to Professionals, Churches, and Parent Support Groups.

Chosen offers a variety of training opportunities to deepen understanding of the impact of trauma on children. Presentations are delivered in a live online format, and can be tailored to groups based on size and collective knowledge level. In-person trainings can be coordinated by request.

Training opportunities are available to professionals in need of CEU opportunities, caregivers looking to increase your parenting skills, and organization leaders seeking child welfare training for staff and/or clients.

Training Will Help You With...

  • Understanding trauma’s impact on the brain
  • Making sense of behavior
  • Tools for stronger attachments
  • Learning best practices
  • Identifying trauma behaviors
  • Teaching parents techniques that work
  • Strengthening understandings of histories
  • Stabilizing family relationships
  • Establishing permanency

Increase Your Impact with Chosen

Trauma impacts a developing brain. Resulting behavioral, academic, and relational challenges need intervention for these children to grow into emotionally healthy adults. Without a deep understanding of how abuse, neglect, grief, and loss affect people, efforts to help this population will likely fall short. Our staff, trained and experienced in using best-in-class trauma education, is passionate about sharing this knowledge with anyone wanting to serve children and adults who have experienced trauma. 

Training We Offer:

  • Assessing Trauma and Attachment in Foster and Adoptive Families
  • Attachment: The Critical Aspect of Parenting Hurting Children
  • Redefining Self-Care When Parenting a Hurting Child
  • Correcting Behaviors Without Losing Connection
  • Secondary and Vicarious Trauma
  • Motivational Interviewing 
  • Executive Functioning
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Sensory Processing: How the Senses Impact Difficult Behaviors
  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention Caregiver Training
  • Trauma Competent Caregiver Curriculum Training
  • Parenting with a Grace-Based Mindset
  • Getting Ready for the Holidays
  • Clinical Documentation
  • How to Handle Lying 
  • Self-Care

Are you seeking training on a topic not on this list? Reach out to Staci Thomas at for information about additional training options.

Meet Our Training Team

Staci Thomas
TBRI® Practitioner
Chief Program Officer


Stephanie Motes
Clinical Manager
Alex Wilson 
TBRI® Practitioner
Care Manager


Tera Melber 
TBRI® Practitioner
Care Manager


Continuing Education (CEUs)

The training sessions offered by Chosen generally fulfill continuing education requirements for individuals holding various state licenses as listed below. It is the attendee’s responsibility to ensure that the training provided is directly related to their respective scope of practice and licensure.

Chosen commits to provide continuing education training that most state licensing boards accept by:

  • Ensuring that each training is conducted by a trained professional who has experience and knowledge in the topic presented.
  • Verifying attendance by utilizing sign-in sheets and providing certificates indicating the licensees name, date of training, and hours of credit earned.
  • Poviding a mechanism for evaluation of each training we provide.
  • Maintaining all records of trainings for at least 7 years.
  • Setting achievable learning objectives prior to the training.
Attendees are responsible for reporting their attendance to their state licensing board.

Pricing Information

Pricing is available upon request and can be set per seat or per grouping, For further information, please contact Alex Wilson.

Gift a Training

Pricing is available upon request and can be set per seat or per grouping, For further information, please contact Alex Wilson.
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