My Florida My Family
Chosen is proud to be in partnership with MyFloridaMyFamily and Angel Armies to provide trauma-informed parent coaching and counseling to foster, adoptive, kinship caregiver, and biological families impacted by the child welfare system in the State of Florida.

“God works through genuine connection. When I first learned of Chosen, I quickly realized the connection was not random, but God-inspired. It’s the reason why I am honored to have Chosen join the Angel Armies network to bring healing to the most vulnerable families.”

-Chris Tomlin, American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter and founder of Angel Armies

  Chosen Care, Inc. provides mental and behavioral help for children and families who have been impacted by abuse, neglect, abandonment, and loss. Our Gospel-centered discipleship approach is backed by science and provides healing to hurting children by strengthening their families. Our trained staff provides parent coaching and therapeutic services for struggling foster, adoptive and relative caregivers who are in your church and community. Angel Armies has recognized Chosen has having a best-in-class care model to address childhood trauma, and has selected our organization as one of five partners. Chosen, along with the other Angel Armies partners, were also invited by Governor Ron DeSantis’ office, as part of his faith-based initiatives to be part of the MyFloridaMyFamily endeavor to engage the church in caring for the most vulnerable. This partnership will allow Chosen to deliver transformational services to foster, adoptive, kinship, and biological families who have been safely reunified with their children throughout the state of Florida. You can read more about the launch of this partnership in our press release.   Chosen is relentlessly committed to doing whatever it takes to set children on a path of healing. This is accomplished through proven & effective parent coaching, therapeutic services, and personalized case management to address mental and behavioral health needs in the home.   Watch a welcome video for MyFloridaMyFamily from our CEO, Jenni Lord, below:     Chosen serves a critical need in helping children heal from abuse, neglect, abandonment and loss, but we are one part of the whole. Angel Armies identified four other best-in-class organizations who, working together with faith-based and community organizations, provide a holistic approach to serving our state’s must vulnerable children and families: CarePortal, Promise 686, America’s Kids Belong, and Lifeline Children’s Services. For more information: