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4 August 2020

I’m Sorry Tickets

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“It’s not IF you mess up in parenting…what matters is what you do WHEN you mess up.” Because we all do! This statement is one we share regularly with foster and adoptive parents. We are all going to make mistakes in parenting – it’s a guarantee!

The important thing is to intentionally fix the break in the relationship when we should have responded differently to our children. Whether we speak sharply, give too much screen time, or have a full-blown “come apart,” we must own up to our mistakes, apologize, and seek forgiveness from our children.

Our friends at the Karyn Purvis Institute for Childhood Development tell us in this blog that healing actually happens when we do vital work called “repairing.” Repeatedly, we have seen foster, kinship, and adoptive families build stronger bonds when they learn to do the work of repairing after a rupture.

To make this a little easier, we’ve created this printable so that you have a tool to use with your kiddos when you need to apologize and make things right. Give these “tickets” to your kids when you need to apologize, and you’ll be modeling what you long for them to do when they mess up. Before long, your kiddos will be filling out these tickets for themselves.


For more on repairing watch our Coffee with Chosen videos.

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