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4 August 2020

Focus Catcher

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Have you ever seen someone who always is able to remain calm under any circumstance? Do you wonder how they do it? The ability to understand our own feelings as well as the feelings of others is one of the greatest gifts, we can give to ourselves and our children!

“The Whole Brain Child” by Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Tina Bryson Payne teaches us that by directing our attention, we can go from being influenced by factors within and around us to influencing them. When we become aware of our own emotions and forces at work around or within us, we can acknowledge and accept them without allowing them to define us. The ability to shift our focus and not remain stuck in our emotions is skill that takes practice to master.

We have created an exercise to do with your children to help them change the way they feel by simply choosing to shift focus of their attention.


  1. On each side, write down the answers to pleasant and unpleasant thoughts and feelings.
  2. Once both sides are done, fold and glue or tape together.
  3. Hang the picture where it can be flipped. (One kiddo made a necklace!)
  4. Use it as a demonstration to how when our mind is feeling an unpleasant thoughts, we can shift to another.


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