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Interested in becoming a Chosen Mentor?

If you are an experienced foster or adoptive parent interested in giving back through one-on-one support either in person or virtually, there are four ways to become a Chosen Mentor:

Level One Mentors – trained to use Trauma Competent Caregiver curriculum with foster and adoptive parents with a commitment of twelve hours of training with Chosen and one hour each week with their assigned parent. To be considered a Level One Mentor, you must have had a foster or adoptive placement for five years or longer.

Level Two Mentors – must complete five hours of training with Chosen and commit to meeting with their assigned parent once a week for six months. Level Two Mentors must also have had a foster or adoptive placement for five years or longer.

Level Three Mentors – if you aren’t able to commit to weekly meetings, consider becoming a Level Three Mentor with a commitment of one hour a month. Chosen will match you with another foster or adoptive parents with a placement situation similar to yours. Level Three Mentors also must have had a foster or adoptive placement for a minimum of five years, but only need to complete three hours of training.

Level Four Mentors – if you have not had a placement for longer than five years but still wish to be a mentor, Level Four might be the right fit for you! Level Four Mentors provide the help that corresponds to your area of foster care or adoption expertise. You let us know what areas you feel qualified to give support in, and we will match you as the need arises with our parents. Possible areas of expertise might include navigating birth family visits, special needs advocacy, and learning disabilities. Often, this will be only a one-time phone call or meeting to provide specific support. Level Four Mentors must complete two hours of training.

If you are interested in giving back to the foster/adoption community through Chosen Mentoring, fill out this form to take the first step to help families heal!

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