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Chosen helps parents in the trenches

Children in the child welfare system have suffered trauma because of abuse, neglect, and loss. To add to that trauma, they move from familiar surroundings to strangers. Patterns of multiple foster homes, residential treatment facilities and institutional settings are common. The impact of such hard histories often leaves children in a state where they are unable to receive love that a potentially permanent family wants to give.

Foster, kinship and adoptive caregivers welcome children into their homes with the greatest of intentions. The needs are so complex that the new family is often unable to handle them. Foster parents receive training during licensing, but that training has a focus on state procedures and lacks training of techniques that help parents handle trauma-related behaviors. When parents do have had trauma-informed training prior to placement, they are often unsure how to apply what they learned to the specific needs of the children in their home. In most cases, kinship caregivers have had no training. This lack of trauma-informed education and support causes frustrated parents to want to give up. Their children are not on a road to healing, and the cycle of trauma is at a high risk for starting over again.

This is where Chosen bridges the gap.

Research proves that children cannot heal neurologically from complex developmental trauma with medication and therapy alone. Dr. David Cross, of the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, says: “Children who have been harmed in relationship can only heal in the context of relationship.” Attachment to a safe, loving caregiver is crucial for healthy brain development.

By educating caregivers with evidenced-based methods specifically proven to promote attachment between parent and child, Chosen equips parents to be agents of healing by helping them understand trauma and its effects. That, combined with life-on-life support and the most advances therapeutic resources, enables parents to help children move from hurting to healing. Our holistic focus helps transform fragile homes into forever families.

Our heart is to provide hope, help overcome the most difficult challenges and healing children.

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