Together, we can provide hope for your family and healing for your children.

About Us

Chosen’s mission is to help children heal from trauma by strengthening their families.

Chosen’s custom Model of Care is delivered by licensed, trauma-responsive care managers, who do whatever it takes to equip families with the tools they need to overcome trauma and thrive together.

About Us

Chosen serves families impacted by the child welfare system. Our Mission is to help children heal from trauma by strengthening families. Our Model of that Care focuses on helping caregivers develop healthy attachment to their children with the ultimate goal of healing and thriving together. 

Chosen's Mission: To help children heal from trauma by strengthening their families

Chosen provides transformative mental and behavioral health services to families who have been impacted by the child welfare system.

Chosen's Vision: Every child thriving in a family

Chosen provides families with the resources needed to mitigate the short and long-term effects of trauma.

Who Do We Serve?

Adoptive FamilieS

Trauma occurs when a child is separated from their birth parents. Adoptive parents may struggle with addressing trauma and attaching to the child. Chosen can help you find connection and healing.

Why Do Adoptive Families Turn to Us?

Birth Parents

Birth parents who are reunified with their children are trying their best to reconnect with their child and stabilize their home. Chosen gives reunified families the tools they need to heal together.

Why Do Birth Families Turn to Us?

Foster Families

Fostering begins with a big heart, but it can be overwhelming. When stressful behaviors emerge in children, foster parents may find themselves wanting to give up. Chosen is here to help you persevere.

Why Do Foster Families Turn to Us?


Often, kinship caregivers do not expect to be in this position. When a grandparent or extended family member welcomes a child into their home, Chosen provides resources to help navigate the situation.

Why Do Kinship Caregivers Turn to Us? ​

How Does Chosen Meet The Need?




Meeting the needs of the children and families we serve is often challenging and complex. The trauma these children experience is the result of abuse and neglect. The impact they have leaves the child feeling hurt, lonely, and vulnerable. Loving caregivers find themselves unable to handle how their child is working through the process. The lack of trauma-informed education and support increases frustration can lead to caregivers feeling helpless and worn out.

Our History

Chosen was founded in 2009 and restructured in 2016 as an independent 501(c)(3). Since inception, Chosen has evolved to meet the emotional and mental health needs of vulnerable children and their families. 

Chosen has worked with this population since 2009, originally under a national nonprofit. Chosen was restructured as an independent nonprofit in 2016 and has existing licensed social work staff and educators who provide personalized case management and counseling.

Throughout our history, Chosen’s  seen zero dissolutions/disruptions. This means that since 2016, no child has been returned to the child welfare system after working with Chosen for 6+ months. This is in stark contrast to the general population, in which an estimated 32% of children are returned to the system.

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