We provide solutions for caregivers of foster & adopted children

Caregivers of children with a history of trauma often find themselves at a loss. Traditional parenting techniques don’t seem to work. Friends and family provide well-meaning advice that is ineffective, and caregivers are left with feelings of isolation and despair.


If that resonates with you, Chosen can help!



Our experts in trauma-informed care assist parents with life-on-life application of these areas:


  • Trauma’s effects on the brain
  • Age-related developmental impacts of trauma
  • Adult attachment styles as related to foster/adopted children
  • Connecting tools
  • Trauma-informed correction techniques
  • Felt safety
  • Sensory processing-focused calming engagement
  • Helping a child understand his/her story
  • Self-care while on the foster/adoption journey
  • Best-in-class therapeutic techniques


If you or someone you know could use some trauma-informed education, contact today!

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