Shae Hicks, Board Member, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Shae Hicks

Board Member

Shae lives in San Antonio with her husband, Bill, and their three sons.  After graduating from Trinity University in 2003 with a degree in Communications, she worked in several different industries, developing a “niche” in Project Management.  She currently serves as the Coordinator for Security Operations for Apache’s North American Unconventional Resources Region.

Shae and Bill developed a passion for orphans when they decided to grow their family through adoption in 2011.  They met two of their sons in August of that year, after receiving more than a year of training and support from caseworkers and therapists.  While the training was helpful, Shae and Bill still felt unprepared for the challenge of parenting children in difficult situations.  They added their youngest son to the family in 2012, and the adoption of their oldest two was finalized in 2015.  The unconventional way their family grew and the challenges they faced, combined with both the successes and failures as parents have given them a strong desire to help parents facing similar challenges in any way they can!

Shae is passionate about helping parents learn to parent in a way that is best for their family, even if it’s different from how they grew up, and believes that Chosen’s programs are exceptional resources in providing education to parents of foster or adopted children.

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