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Chosen bridges the gap for foster & adoptive families.

Chosen began in 2009 with the simple idea of alleviating the financial burden for families willing to adopt. It has been a great privilege and gift to see children coming out of darkness and into loving families. The transformation is incredible! Chosen has always had a heart for the unadoptable as well, and we love to fund projects that benefit children in institutions.

In the midst of this fulfilling work, however, we began to hear some stories of families who had started adoption and foster parenting with the greatest of intentions, but found themselves in crisis. It became abundantly clear that lack of parental support and trauma-informed care was leaving families in a vulnerable place and desperate for help.

Chosen launched the mentoring program in 2016 to fill this gap in services. The heart of our mission is to keep children in loving families, and to support safe and permanent environments for children everywhere.


All children need to know that they are precious, unique, and special. But a child from a hard place needs to know it more desperately.
Dr. Karyn Purvis
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